Sal Scheibe Art

Hello! I'm Sal Scheibe. I work as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer in an upstairs loft with a crabby cat and a super hyper dog. We're happy. During the day, I create graphics and illustrations and by night, I paint away in my on-going art journals (rarely finished!). I love to use acrylics and watercolors but I always toss in lots of pretty paper bits and stencils with paint pens making entrance at the end. The more layers, the more fun! I have a passion for life drawing, comic book making and pretty mixed media portraits.

I have worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for 20+ years now, mostly in a business capacity but now out on my own, working for myself and it's pretty glorious. I make a lot of stock images to sell as well as sublimation and SVG designs for t-shirt makers. I also work as a Plus Designer at DesignBundles.

You can find my graphic sets and stock illustrations available at SLS Lines Graphics Shop. That's my store!